Clr Patricia Prociv has lived in Rosehill for over 40 years and has a Doctorate in Creative Arts from University of Western Sydney. As Councillor for the Rosehill Ward she worked towards Improving the Urban Environment, More Community Infrastructure and Better Community Consultation. As a local resident and Councillor Patricia continues to be a Strong Local Voice, advocating for more Passive and Active Recreation Areas, Better Public Transport, Sustainable Development and the return of regular Council Clean-ups for the Rosehill. Contact Patricia 0412984176

Paul Noack has been a resident of Wentworth Point for 13 years, and recently retired as an organiser for Fire Fighters in our National Parks and State Forests. as a resident Paul understands the needs of those who live on the Peninsula, including more Community Parks and Green Spaces, better Public Transport, Sustainable Development and more Community Consultation. Paul is an advocate on Local issues. Contact Paul on 04325556694

As Labor Councillors we support


* We work with Council Officeers and State Agencies to realise the transformation of under underlised land under the M4 Motorway into passive and active community spaces. Where residents of all ages can meet, play and exercise.

* Advocate for a return of 2 Set Cleanups and 2 booked Cleanups per household per calendar year can contribute to the amentity of a neighbourhood area.

* Working with Government Agenciesmto remove Industrial and Household waste from Duck River, Duck Creek and a’Becketts Creek.

* Support volunteer groups removing litter from Haslams Creek and the Parramatta River.


* Supportthe creation of more all age, all abilities playgrounds (why should kids have all the fun).

* Work with communities to re-instate lost transport routes and timetables..

* Advocate for the timely delivery of promised transport modes and links.

* Advocate for improved footpath infrastructure and amenity, benefiting all ages, stages and abilities.


* Ensure local Consultation for local projects and issues.

* Connect with Volunteer groups.

* Encourage local participation within community groups

* Promote better access to community meeting rooms and spaces.

.*Facilitate improved information flow from Council to residents.

* Support the establishment of Community hubs.

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