I am a Visual Artist and Councillor for the Rosehill Ward in the City of Parramatta.

I have lived in Rosehill with my husband and family for over 40 years.

I am a practicing Artists, have a Doctorate in Creative Arts and have worked as an Visual Artist, been a TAFE and University lecturer and a High School Art Teacher.

I became a Councillor because I felt that the Rosehill Ward had been under represented and was not getting the attention and infrastructure it deserved.

As a Councillor I continue to support and work with residents on various community campaigns to improve their living and working amenity and environment

In my 4 years on Council I have advocated for the retention and improvement of all forms of public and active transport infrastructure. The protection of all heritage, creation and production of more community infrastructure. Improved greenspace, a cleaner living environment and sustainable development . Plus a more visible presence of the Arts and opportunities for Artists.

Currently I am seeking to have small parcels of land, in Granville, Harris Park and Rosehill, under the m4 freeway brought under Council control for adaptive use as active and passive recreation space for residents and visitors. I have also started a NSW Parlimentary Petition calling on the State Government to extend the 401 Bus Route into Wentworth Point and Newington. And seeking answers for residents of Wentworth Point on the Mobile black spot in teh suburb.

I also continue to lobby the NSW State Government to re-instate the M52 express bus Parramatta to the City along Victoria Rd. Providing much needed connections from Parramatta, servicing all suburbs along Victoria Rd, to the City.

Adequate footpath infrastructure and amenity is also among my priorities. Assessibility provided by well maintained footpaths for all ages, stages and abilities is important to quality of life.

I am also conscious of how regular Council Cleanups can contribute to the amentity of a neighbourhood area. Which is why I will be advocating for a return of 2 Set Cleanups and 2 booked Cleanups per household per calendar year.

If I can be of help to you or someone you know please contact me:

0414 984 176


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